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Ulu Ka'u Farm

The lands of Ka’u are ancient and filled with legends and tales of the past. Songs and chants about Ka’u are inspriring and a testament to the strong will of the people who live here.

Experience Ulu Ka'u

Our land at Ulu Ka’u Farms offers a wide variety of exciting and informative activities. With 1,600+ acres of land extending from 800’ elevation at Highway 11 to 2,500’ elevation at our native forest, we have several different tour experiences for you choose from.
The mainstay of Ulu Ka’u Farms is our Coffee Experience, learn about our coffee varieites, cultivation, harvesting and unique processing methods. Then visit the roastery to see how green bean coffee is transformed into some of the finest roasted coffee.
Ulu Ka’u is expanding its planting of Tea, (Camellia sinensis). The Tea Experience will introduce you to green, Oolong, and Black Tea’s. However, the unique experience is the Black-Oolong process that combines the process of Oolong with that of Black Tea.
Tours through our lands include: 1) guided ATV tours across the network of former sugarcane plantation roads, 2) Sunset Horseback tours with BBQ dinner and camp fire, 3) Native Forest walk into the deep lush native forest teaming with rare native Hawaiian birds. In addition you will learn about our horizontal shaft Water Tunnels that supplies irrigation water to our crops below. 4. Experience the thrill of “grass sliding” on a replica of a native Hawaiian Holua sled, in ancient times a sport reserved only for royalty.
After tours through Ulu Ka’u Farms you will come away educated and excited to DISCOVER and EXPERIENCE more of the great region of Ka’u.

Our Activities

TASTE Ulu Ka’u

Our farm produces some of the finest Coffee and Teas that Hawaii has to offer.If you LIKE Kona Coffee then you will LOVE Ka’u Coffee. Come try our different process methods and roasts.
In addition to these major crops of our farm, we raise Ka’u grass fed Beef cattle. The beef from our cattle is hormone and anti-biotic free.We produce for you a razor thin cut of dried beef that is sweet and tender, you will surprised at how it almost melts in your mouth.
Ulu Ka’u other major product is Hawaiian Natural Honey.
The honey is produced primarily from the Yellow Lehua blossom of the native Ohia tree, endemic to Hawaii.The Honey is a clear light amber and has a smooth finish to the palate.
Come to our roastery and visitor center and DISCOVER, EXPERIENCE, and TASTE Ulu Ka’u farm products.


The Coffee grown in Ka’u has achieved some of the highest cupping scores from the Specialty Coffee Association.


Tea has been cultivated here on the Big Island since the late 1800’s – enjoyed by the earliest missionaries then localized when seedlings were brought over by first generation Asian immigrants and grown in plantation backyards for private consumption.

Coffee & Tea

Along with our mission to produce Hawaii’s finest pure 100% Ka’u Coffee and exclusive teas.